It’s that time…

ImageIt’s football time in Tennessee!

Ever since I was little I remember watching football. Let me tell you, it is probably one of my favorite sports to watch. In my house we grew up as an NFL family, rooting for the New York Giants is priority and one of the greatest moments of our honeymoon was meeting Jerry Rice while he was shopping for golf gear in the Nike Store! We were never into NCAA football, but my father did watch, and we always hated “The U” and I rooted for the Florida State Seminoles…that was as much as I knew about college football; until I met my husband.

I will admit, I was not a fan of this NCAA football. Going to school in upstate New York [Go Danes!], there was never a good football program and school spirit? What’s that? haha. I did not even know how crazy this NCAA football could get, and believe me it gets crazy.

For the past three years I have been married to the Tennessee Volunteers and when football season starts there is nothing more important in my house than football . My husband’s wardrobe consists of more orange than I could ever imagine, and for example, a friend of ours commented on our honeymoon pictures on Facebook. She asked if his favorite color was orange or was he just wearing the same shirt over and over again….nope he has that much!


I wear that orange that everyone finds too bright and hideous. I thought that too, but now I wear it with a sense of pride. In the beginning it was to support my husband’s team, but now I wear it because it is OUR team! And I even have a favorite player….CURT MAGGITT #56!! 2Maggitt2Quit! So cheesy! I know. HAHA

So in honor of the start of Football season and our home opener tomorrow  here are some fun facts about the University of Tennessee’s Football team!

  • The Vols short for Volunteers got their name from the war of 1812 when Gen. Andrew Jackson asked for 2500 volunteers and instead he got 30,000. All from Tennessee!
  • We are a part of the greatest conference ever! Southeastern Conference (SEC).For you Rutgers fans, that’s like the BIG10.
  • Tennessee has won 6 National Titles and 16 conference titles!
  • The colors Orange and White are from the wild American Daisies that would grow all over the campus
  • The Pride of the Southland Marching Band is amazing!! At Halftime no one goes to the bathroom! We have the best band ever!
  • We have great traditions like running through the “T,” The Vol Walk, and General Neyland!
  • ImageImage
  • Neyland Stadium seats 102,455 people. Yes you read that right, that’s a lot of people
  • We also have our own Vol Navy! Yes people ride their boats up to the stadium. It’s on the river!
  • The only name you need to know: Peyton Manning, Number 16. VOL FOR LIFE! [Yes, big brother to the amazing ELI MANNING!]

If you are at a game you can find us every home game in section C row 21!

You will see me there in my orange and singing Rocky Top!!



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