Is your name Jimmy?

Part Two

In my previous post I was talking about how I was just asked “How long I had been in the country.” I also mentioned that it would get better and it does. When things like this happen, you really wonder what people have learned in school about other countries and cultures.

So back to the story…

While we are trying to decide who is going to touch the sturgeons first…

Volunteer: “Excuse me is your name Jimmy?”

Hubs: “UM no.”

Volunteer: “Oh okay. My friend’s neighbor’s, son is supposed to come today and he married a Taiwanese girl.”

Us: “Oh, okay”

Volunteer: “Are you Taiwanese?”

Me: “Um no, I’m Korean.”

Volunteer: “Oh. Do you speak Taiwanese.”

Me: [my patience is running out at this point.] “No, I speak Korean”

Volunteer: “Oh is there a difference?”

Me: [in my mean, stern, annoyed tone]

“Yes, they are two totally different countries.

Now before I start cursing an old lady out, why don’t you tell me about the damn sturgeon?”

Volunteer: “The sturgeon are one of the oldest prehistoric ….”

Yes, this did happen. Was I mean? Yes! Honestly, I don’t think I had much patience for this. Does Taiwanese and Korean sound the same? I will say the fact of the matter is that first she asked me how long I had been in the country, which is rude in itself. Everyone that looks like me are not immigrants, there are people that look like me that were/are born in the United States and are citizens all day and every day.

Secondly, to go and ask follow up questions that are completely asinine are beyond me. So am I sorry that I lost my patience? Yes and No. Should I have been more forgiving to that old lady? Yes, considering that she looked about 70+. Do I regret reacting the way I did? NOPE.  Hopefully by my reaction she will go and find out about how many DIFFERENT countries, cultures and languages there are in Asia. 




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