The New Language

Living in New  York for 28 years, I always thought that the words we said and phrases that we said were all understandable and EVERYONE knew what they meant. I was so sure that anytime I talked to my friends they knew EXACTLY what I meant…

It all changed when I moved to Tennessee

Ya’ll, fixin to do something and yuns….What do these words mean? Believe me i was shocked. I was eating dinner with my in laws one night and the server came up and asked, “Whatchyuns like to drink?” I lowered the menu and my mother in law looked at my face and started laughing. She knew it was all over my face. THE LOOK that I had NO IDEA what he just said.

Basically, WHACTYUNS is WHAT WOULD YUNS….YUNS as in YOU GUYS. So what would you guys like to drink.

It was really a mind blowing experience.

As three years have rolled by, let me share with you some other wonderful words that have come to light in my life:

Fixin to… Basically means getting ready to do something “Fixin to go meet some friends.”

Ya’ll … You know, YOU ALL. Or everyone “Ya’ll coming over after the game?”

Plum…not the fruit, but an adjective, extremely. “My shoes are plum worn out!”

shit fiiire….this is one of my persona favorites. it just means something bad. LOL

Lordy Day or God Bless…  I say this when I am not trying not to use the Lord’s name in vain. I am trying to get away from using the GD here. they frown upon that.

Seen…. we all know what seen means but here it is used as “I seen your cousin yesterday”

I am not going to lie and say that I have not used these words or phrases before. After three years they have been implanted into my brain and after these years I now have learned to understand these words more and more. It amazes me how things can differ from region to region in the great United States of America.

What do you guys think? Have you ever been to a part of the country where you did not understand a word?