The Reason for the Season…

It is that time of the year…Christmas.

I always enjoy this time of year because I feel like people are nicer to each other, except for me.

If I don’t like you, I don’t like you. HAHA

Living in the bible belt for almost 4 years, I have seen more churches than I can even imagine. There is one on almost every corner. There is one thing though that always annoys me, that people always ASSUME that I am not Christian and that in fact I am anything but.

My husband has been asked “Is she Buddha?” and “Is she saved?” before. When I do attend church here, I can always feel those eyes on me. Aside from the fact that they are wondering if I actually speak English, they are also wondering whether or not I am Christian.

Let me just say, I grew up Presbyterian and have been attending church for over 25 years. There was period where I had to give up on Church, but never gave up on God, until I found my new home church, Pilgrim. I really miss them, and whenever we visit, I always make sure to schedule my flights around church. I have yet to find a church in Tennessee to call home. We have attended a few, but they have yet to draw me in.

I was raised to believe that God forgives us for our sins, he loves us unconditionally, and that yes, Jesus was born on December 25th, which is the reason for the season.

I attended a church one day and was slightly offended. They were preaching about the reason for the season was not Muhammad [I am assuming referencing Muslims, but should be Allah] or Buddha and that it was God that brought Jesus into the world on Christmas, his son. Then for 20 minutes he asked people who felt like they were not saved to come to the altar to be saved. I felt uncomfortable.

Now, let me set the scene for you. This is a small church, and 99% of the people  went to this church and you guessed it, I was the only Asian person there. I asked my husband about this afterwards, but he said that he is used to it because this is not the first time he has heard it. Well, for me this was insulting because I really felt that it was unnecessary to bring up “Muhammad” or Buddha. You already did a play about how Christmas came to be, and that it is from the Bible. Was that all really necessary?

Call me sensitive, but to me this all comes down to belief that I am not saved because I am Asian, in Tennessee and that there is no way I have been saved. There is no way that I know what the Bible is or what the REAL reason for the season is. My husband may have heard it a million times, and I understand his point about how even if there was a Buddhist Monk there, that they would have said the same thing. Well, I was there, someone who they thought was a Buddhist Monk, because since that whole sermon that was given was not planned, I am pretty sure that he was compelled to make sure the Buddhist Monk was saved from Hell.

If you’re curious…I am Saved, Baptized, and Confirmed. I know where I stand with God and that is all I need to know. We are in search of a Church, and I hope and pray, that we find one where we feel safe and welcomed.

Have you ever experienced anything like this?

Merry Christmas & See you all in 2014!



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