I need a better pick up line than that……

This past weekend my husband and I had a great time in Gatlinburg.

We went with our dear friends to play some Mini-Golf [or as they call it Putt-putt down here] and attend a Smokies Baseball game. 

We LOVE to go to the games because it is a great time. We also enjoy sitting in section 106!! That section has a season ticket holder who makes the games way more interesting!! 


I went to the concession stand to get some dinner, and it was HOT out. 

I am standing in line, and in the next line over, I see a guy give me that “head nod” thing that men always do. I just smile, and stand forward. 

Then I hear, “Man, it’s hot out.” I look at him and smile

Then this is the conversation that happens.

Guy: “I am just so glad to stand here under the shade.”

Me: “Yeah, it is hot outside.”

Guy: “When I was in the service in the South Pacific it was really hot there…”

Me: ” YEAH, I wouldn’t know.”

Guy: Blank Stare…”crickets”

He then continues to start talking to the lady that was standing behind him.

Yeah, buddy you go work your magic on her! I will tell you though, I never heard the “South Pacific” line come out of his mouth with her hahahaha. 

I don’t know if he was in the service or not, I also don’t know if the South Pacific is the right term to be using for a location for service. BUT I just think that if he REALLY knew what he was talking about he would have named a country. HAHAHA

Anyways….I know I have not been on here in a while, but it’s been busy! 

I hope you enjoyed this story!



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