A “Working” Night to Remember

Last weekend on Oct 19th, I was able to be a part of a beautiful wedding celebration. My husband and I sold our season tickets to the Tennessee vs. South Carolina game [WE BEAT SC!!!! GO VOLS!] to celebrate the union between one of my greatest friends and my new friend! It was a beautiful ceremony and the reception was ROCKING!

My husband without fail was the LIFE OF THE PARTY!! I mean Gangnam Style Dancing, shirt ripping, Hulk Hogan impersonating, & twerking the bride for the photographers kind of party animal! LOL

I was told AT LEAST 10 times..

“THAT is yours!”

Yes, THAT big, white man is MY husband!

(The reception was held at the Green Building in Brooklyn, New  York. Not my friends, but a picture from the website!)

The music was great, the atmosphere was great because we were there celebrating with friends and when your husband is running around taking selfies with your friends, you cannot ask for a better night.

The memories were priceless.

The one memory that trumps all memories of memories was AFTER the wedding.

I was of course some of the few sober people at this shindig, I ALWAYS enjoy watching the crowd and seeing what happens, because, let’s be real, SOMEONE needs to be able to tell the stories after everyone is sober. lol My brother (one of the Best Men, SUCH a proud big sister!) was asking for our help, and when I mean our, I mean the sober ones!

A few of the guests were unable to drive their vehicles to the hotel that they were staying at, so he was asking for us to drive people to the hotel with their vehicles and basically shuttle, park and make sure they all made it back in one piece. How could I say no, these are my friends, and even if I did not know them I would still do it. So after an hour we finally got down to the one minivan to drive back to the Green Building so that we could finally depart to go home. This is where it gets very good!

We were waiting for one more designated driver to come down, but we also picked up another friend to thought they lost their phone. SO, let’s set the scene. Two guys come down, we send one back because we did not have anymore room. He goes back up, and then we have the one designated driver and our friend that lost his phone at the venue and wanted to go back to check. My cousin and his fiance in the back seat my brother driving, my husband sitting shotgun and me sitting behind my brother. We finally breathe a sigh of relief as the night is almost over.

We are cruising down the main road to get back to the venue when we get pulled over, BY A FORD FUSION/FOCUS. Our initial reaction is wondering if Best Man was speeding. We just wait to see what it is about.  A man with an NYPD badge around his neck comes around asks my brother to get out of the vehicle and takes him to the undercover car.

Out of nowhere 3 or 4 other officers with flashlights start shining the lights into the car, and then start opening the sliding doors and my husband is trying to look for the registration and the insurance in the glove compartment. Then a woman [which we found out later was the supervisor] NYPD officer comes over with a flashlight, turns off the van and then points the flashlight into our faces and just asks “What is your relationship to the driver?” She is talking to one of our friends that we picked up. He says he is a friend. She says “do you personally know him?” and he says, “yes.” Then she asks where this vehicle’s original destination is from. This is when I knew things were getting crazy.

I decided to speak, ” the Green Building.” What is the green building? “it’s a venue that you can rent out for a wedding. we are just trying to get back to our cars because we all drove cars for the people that could not drive and dropped them off at the hotel. The driver is the best man and he is also my brother.” He’s your brother? Where does he live? “Michigan” where do you live? “Tennessee” so if he is your brother then he would know where you live right? “yes” do you have ID? “Yes, can i have it please?” She takes my ID and then a few minutes later my brother gets back to the car, hands me my ID and I was like WHAT DID THEY SAY!

He said that the woman told those guys to pull us over because she said we looked very suspicious doing U Turns in front of the hotel. Picking people up and dropping people off and coming back a few times. My brother also said that they did not want to pull us over but their supervisor made them. She asked him, “Who is the woman sitting behind you?” He said my sister. “Where does she live?” Tennessee.

So of course a car full of Asians and one White guy dressed in our wedding best looked very suspicious dropping people off and picking people up from the hotel.  If they were really watching us, they would have noticed that we had dropped off three cars with people that were stumbling into the hotel and we made sure they checked in and then parked their cars. I mean obviously this was not the right car to get, because a block away from where they pulled us over was a minivan SURROUNDED by women in short short mini skirts, plastic heels, and no jackets on. I mean seriously!

Overall though, I must say this was a bonding moment for all of us, although it just frustrated us more because we were just trying to get home. We also were just trying to do the right thing, but we got interrogated instead! We can of course laugh about it now, and we still do because that was a first for all of us in the car. Also in the end we all just made it out of there without any other further issues.

The only part that makes me think more is, I did not think any of us looked like “working” girls/guys LOL but maybe I need to rethink my outfit choices?? HAHA

Congratulations to my friends on their marriage!

Thanks for the fun night!